Story with Tag: miss

Remember Me

May God help us find each other even if we are older. May His Holy Spirit guide us forever. May God extend our life to live longer. And May God never forget us that we truly love each other. (Reads: unavailable)


When I grope in darkness not finding my life, Knowing I must trudge along on unknown path. I miss you, my darling, beside me. .Just your pictures hang on lifeless walls and your memories in a shattered heart. (Reads: 150)

Letter to Sista !!

I was never fair with you. Even though you loved me, maybe that’s my definition of a sister. I use to think you are the villain in the home but realized you are the only hero of my life. (Reads: unavailable)

His first absence

Mom was deeply worried about him as this was the first time she let her child go away from her. She was worried thinking if he is comfortable in class, (Reads: 123)

Miss me Kindly.

You recognize that keeping in touch with you must be clear in your reasoning over you. Acquires mournful with my eyes
Anyhow I’ll a chance to be alright without you. (Reads: 42)


When I remember you, I feel as you are with me, I feel as I am in love with you, When I remember you, I feel as I love you, I feel as I miss you. Read love poem (Reads: unavailable)

The Rainbow

Of all the things I remembered from that day, the rain stood out. It wasn’t the kinda rain she loved. There wasn’t a rainbow in sight. (Reads: 543)