Story with Tag: Mom

The Life of a DEER……(PART 1)

I saw my mother tied up with ropes, screaming for help, forgiveness and begging for mercy. But the tall creatures which then i came to as HUMANS were harsh (Reads: 93)


Anchal was her mother’s copy. She was as beautiful and elegant as her mother. She loved her mother with her life. After her mother it was the turn of dance that she loved. (Reads: 131)

Life o’ Life

Rekha could clearly see her future she and her husband sitting ideally waiting for the phone calls. And it will be so difficult to cut all your ties. (Reads: 92)

Ma-The Miracle

And I filled with tears realized the importance of mother that earlier I knew but never took it seriously. I saw mom’s old pics with glorious face.That day I saw mom’s beauty that day… (Reads: 40)

The sad little girl

During the final exams she brought more marks than all the students that were underestimating her and making fun, and the people who did that got embarrassed. (Reads: 364)

Maa and Pa

Sometimes all a girl needs is her Dad, for her first bicycle ride, her first fall, her first day of high school, her first crush, her first boyfriend, her first break up. But not every girl gets a chance to live all those moments. (Reads: 275)

Hawa Badol

I turn around and see my ma’s illuminated, beautiful face and I am in her arms held closely and warmly. I know I am out here in the world of my folks. (Reads: 167)

My Poetry Collection

Then was whispering all through the night, Now is staring into empty space, But in between was flinging things at you, Mascara running down the face. Remember how you made it a nightmare? (Reads: 27)