Story with Tag: nature

Nature and its bounty

The answer is Nature. It is the one who provides for every ones need. It is the one who is nearest to us. It has created us all with blood same in colour. (Reads: 12)

Meri Maati

Hindi poems about our land, its abilities, qualities, greatness and about saving the trees. The jungles are treasures and we get benefits from them. We are taught to save nature and plant more trees for the future. (Reads: 65)


The glory of sun,who gives us light by burning itself,teach us to burn ourselves, to achieve our goal, If god is light, it is the god,It ornaments the clouds with. (Reads: 73)

A Start

God had made a terrible mistake of injecting a superfine consciousness that understood everything while that everything almost always thumbed its nose at him. (Reads: 118)