Story with Tag: night

A numb winter night!

All the winter nights I survived never felt so cold until this moment, though the jungle melody is playing a soothing base with the hushing trees; (Reads: 484)

Four Love Poems

Just to say I love you, it never seems enough. I’ve said it so many times, But I am just so afraid to say it. I might give you a flower (Reads: 25)

There She Found..!

She moved out to balcony, when she heard a familiar sound, He was standing where she left him there,With lots of love and infinite care. (Reads: 102)

The Devil’s Tree

I look around , try to figure out the source of the fragrance. And then I notice something peculiar near the lonely tree. In the dark of the night it is no more lonely, unlike the day. (Reads: 223)


He didn’t know the condition of the person behind the wheel, and the idiot might just panic and try to run him down in an attempt to flee when George took out his identification. (Reads: 500)

Ghost stories

After an hour of hearing fabricated stories of haunted houses and cursed forests, Mala had gotten tired and a little spooked. It was already ten o’clock and it was way past her bedtime. (Reads: 188)