Story with Tag: night

The Trouble maker

Cindy shaking stood and peered at the window she knew she just saw something run across the garden in fear she lifted her hand and pointed towards the garden. (Reads: 82)

Look Behind You

Moonlight enlightens the room, the stranger strides in. You are hidden, a sudden rush of energy gushes to your veins. The pan lifts high in the air and comes crashing down on his head. (Reads: 245)

Meri Rachanaayen

First poem emphasizes on the beauty of the nature. It tell us to live every moment of our lives and live to our fullest potential. Second poem is about the past memories which the girl wants to forget but is unable to. (Reads: 55)


There is no thing as ghost, I told to myself. I had the stone in my pocket. But is it helpful against a ghost? What else I am having. Nothing, If the thing ahead is ghost. (Reads: 60)

Four Love Poems

Just to say I love you, it never seems enough. I’ve said it so many times, But I am just so afraid to say it. I might give you a flower (Reads: 28)