Story with Tag: pain

Cradle To The Grave

I followed her gaze to my bed and the scene filled me with horror. On the left side of bed lay a man whose blood has completely soaked in the white bed sheet. (Reads: 271)

Life of a dentist

Some bossy ,some over friendly and some over smart,the types of patients might be endless but the poor dentist and his problems remain constant. But then again where is the fun if there is no sense of achievement in what you do! (Reads: 150)

Meri Kavitayen

The first poem signifies the haunt of dowry in our society. The second poem tells about the old traditions and rituals which grabs the women of the society. The third poem signifies the different shades of life. (Reads: 67)

Meri Rachanaayen

First poem emphasizes on the beauty of the nature. It tell us to live every moment of our lives and live to our fullest potential. Second poem is about the past memories which the girl wants to forget but is unable to. (Reads: 54)

Of the Occult

The need to burn everything came from the tale of drowning everything that is to say, when Alicia convinced herself that the Asian girl she had met had some sort of mystical powers, she also believed in the existence of mystical powers. (Reads: 377)