Story with Tag: pain

Broken pieces of a promise-II

If he really loves her, it would not make any difference whether he find her or not. Love is not merely getting someone you love. It is the most beautiful feeling you possess for whole of your life. (Reads: 247)

The Pain

How unfortunate..!!She was faking a cry outside while getting ecstatic inside while he was faking an anger outside and crying like a baby inside, crushing his own heart, never to recover. (Reads: 465)


There is this shallow purpose of life deep down somewhere,reminding you to embrace the change through the walks of the life. But the question is whether it’s worth it to do so and whether if ever cared about it. (Reads: 152)

Perfectly Timed

She’s not the type of girl that will make your heads turn but she’s beautiful and perfect in her own ways. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. But I’m happy. Happy that I can walk her home. (Reads: 1,054)

Khulne Ki Pratikha

The story of Indian housewife who is lonely and the author through her poem wants to fill the void in her life through her words.The words here are interpretation of a housewife feelings. (Reads: 124)

My poem collection

It’s sweet how much comfort I find in myself, When things happen, and they always do, I don’t stay sad or change my mood, I can look in the mirror and still be glad, (Reads: 42)