Story with Tag: paint

My fingers in your palm

The hero smiled and dared to dig into heroine’s eyes mischievously. Our heroine fell all ways apart. That was the first time anyone committed the crime. (Reads: 357)

The Candle holder

I hope this candle be the first of all the light and hope you have in your life. May you be a forever shining beacon. May you be a guiding light for all lost souls. And may your candle light shine your way through life, pulling dreams and faith closer. (Reads: 78)

The thief

One day he decided to take a big step by deciding to break into a house, whose owner was Loin. As the door was locked, he found a way to get into the house, (Reads: 79)

A Lesson…

One day..I was on my way to bank which is nearby in my locality..In between a saw a poor boy was trying to paint something. He had some waste colors with him (Reads: 216)