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This is a poem which shows the power of love. The love which doesn’t have any limits. The love which even god can’t break.Its BEYHAAD love.. (Reads: 137)

Secret Love

She and somewhere even he had madly fallen in love with each other. RAHUL felt the same what RHEA felt, he had never experienced this ever before, yes he was in love with RHEA. (Reads: 1,795)


Answer of life lies inside the person perception . Perception makes the attitude and attitude show in an action. In the life which makes us sometime successful or sometime failure. (Reads: 280)


The words find a way through the pen in accordance to the thoughts, and some words sometimes give a story that you and I may share . Read collection of poems
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Being YOU

My writing this social story has been done with the intention of putting my point across that however old we grow, every one of us do have a hidden passion inside us and you should always find time to pursue it. (Reads: 258)