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She wanted to run to him coz he always made everything perfect. And she remembered out of nowher…Nilay…That’s it…Nilay… Always they were teased for the similarity in the name..Nilay and Nayantara. (Reads: 499)

Snakelet’s struggle

There are likelier chances that, we have been definitely backed up by someone somewhere in the past misfortunes. The struggles of uncertainties have had often masked our faces to realise how fortunate we are to find these saviours. (Reads: 151)


The God is not a human being or not supernatural power BUT TRUTH is that God is in the peoples good work which serves the society.. (Reads: 188)

The Tongue

The tongue is small narration of the use of tongue. If the tongue is used as fire and sword, the destruction is very near. Use the tongue in minimal way. (Reads: 1,258)