Story with Tag: poetry

Friendship-Life Project

First poem describes how important is friendship commitment to run life project, second poem describes in world of consumerism accept what you get from life (Reads: 150)

Believe in you

Let show them all, Alone or together, That believe and you is just not a word, Its my strength, To be successful, To make my dreams come true, Yes I believe in you, (Reads: 34)


You are expecting a lot from yourself without putting any efforts for it. Do your work, you will know the difference between yesterday and tomorrow. Art needs practice and so does words. (Reads: 140)

The Song of God

I, the Ancient Love hugs you with my presence, with my depth of Ocean and the vastness of the Sky, As I love you the most, since you have only known me and you can only know me. (Reads: 70)

Shades of Love

We are staying together he promised, Even as your hair turns the shade of grey, Cause you are my diamond, unpolished, And I will shape you as I may. (Reads: 188)

Clear the Noise

The war of genders, with the swords of distrust and pain has gone long enough. Has it turned too late for us to clear the noise made by these weapons? (Reads: 93)