Story with Tag: river

U and I

You were closest to me on that blissful night! Your nerves, your breaths were in complete harmony with mine. Do you remember? (Reads: 747)

The Blue Moon Hotel

The next day and the days after that she began to wait for him. He would come in the afternoon and drink till late evening. Neharika felt her numbness fading away, she would feel alive every moment the man was there. (Reads: 399)

Lucian’s Diary

Lucian closes his withered diary as a tear falls from his eye to his weathered face. Once a decent money maker and now left with nothing, except that diary. (Reads: 233)

The Taxi Driver

Ravi closed his eyes and breathed hard. Just one last thing left to do. And he had to do it. He opened his eyes and looked at the road one last time. One last turn to take. (Reads: 2,830)