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Then I recited those magical words, “I LOVE YOU Divya, more than anyone….”. And now she was amazed.Now she looks more beautiful. She came closer. I too made a step forth. (Reads: 525)

The most beautiful feeling

Today years after I feel that loving someone who is no more is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. I still live cherishing the beautiful memories and that innocent face of my best friend. (Reads: 239)


One day in life I will be a better person to help all children equally; boys and girls alike. I will become a man to tell my story; that once upon a time the boy child was a bedbug in K-street. (Reads: 134)

The Lost One

Over these past 3 years nothing has gotten easier for me. Each and everyday I fade from existence a little more. One day it will seem as if I never existed. (Reads: 251)