Story with Tag: sea


The softness of the breeze blows my tresses and in the pearly light I open my eyes, wholesome and hearty to face a new day. My spirits bounce back. (Reads: 65)

The dance of hope

As she edged towards the water, she felt a strong hand tugging at her tiny wrist. She turned to see that it was Andrew. He pulled her close and hugged her tight. (Reads: 117)

The Father and Son

It seemed as if God felt pity for his children as Jon found a broken wooden piece of the ship. The daybreak brought some ease for the father and the son, as now the darkness had closed her doors. (Reads: 1,418)


The next day, the family spent a long day at the beach. Nishu had a lovely time collecting shells and building sand castles, apart from flinging balls fashioned out of sand at her dad, (Reads: 135)