Story with Tag: Silence

Queen of Solitude

Oh silence, the queen of solitude, you somehow became the, language of my heart, my dearest and true friend who never betrays, you became my token of waiting (Reads: 61)


He had a way with words, so crisp, so simple. The way he made you feel his powerful persuasion. He made you feel okay, talked with such wisdom. (Reads: 308)

The Tongue

The tongue is small narration of the use of tongue. If the tongue is used as fire and sword, the destruction is very near. Use the tongue in minimal way. (Reads: 1,198)

The Date

Rahul smirked at their past which faded into this day. Her reply then was a kiss. She assured him of love, he jumped ecstasy. (Reads: 597)


Silence, do you hear me crying,Exactly, because I cry silently, Bald up in a corner quietly, Looking up asking go why me, Can’t you see? (Reads: 84)