Story with Tag: sky

Meri Rachanaayen

First poem emphasizes on the beauty of the nature. It tell us to live every moment of our lives and live to our fullest potential. Second poem is about the past memories which the girl wants to forget but is unable to. (Reads: 54)

Sounds of The Birds

Those small colorful birds singing their songs, smarting the stillness out of dawn, turning smog and loneliness brought to world by the passing night into colorful, joyish hour. (Reads: 303)


Love is beauty life is duty hopes are flowers No one’s thoughts, no barrier No things, no dreams But live the life careless carefree (Reads: 106)

The Ascension

He cried that day on the lunch like a baby, tears rivered down . Santa had given him the only present he could ask for.
“Philip.” Santa smiled. “ You’re going to space.” (Reads: 76)


It’s a Hindi story of about new year revolution and a poor girl “Moti”. We have so many dreams or planing for new year but she.. She can’t afford a good Quilt only.  (Reads: 569)

Ghar ko Chali

This Hindi poem is about leaving home in search of happiness and independence.The poem in a way expresses grief over the restrictions one faces in their own homes. (Reads: 389)