Story with Tag: smile

Synonym of Strength

When a misfortune happen to you, by some horrible wild creatures, all supported those beasts, because you were wrong, if you were a real lady, you would have been in home and not in a road (Reads: 8)

First Kiss

Madhu’s nebulous eyes were like two beryl-green jewels melted snow which makes Arjun fall in love with her, again and again, and her enchanting smile can make him obliterate about everything. (Reads: 1,008)

Fake A Smile

I heard teachers trying to get through the ever growing crowd to break up the fight and when they made it through they saw me with blood covering every inch of my body and the terrified girls, unharmed, in front of me. (Reads: 92)

Sound of your own heart..

Life is melting every second. So you want to waste it or taste it ? and one last thing to end, your Smile can hide so much pain..keep smiling.. keep hoping.. the best is yet to come….. (Reads: 329)

The Candle holder

I hope this candle be the first of all the light and hope you have in your life. May you be a forever shining beacon. May you be a guiding light for all lost souls. And may your candle light shine your way through life, pulling dreams and faith closer. (Reads: 90)