Story with Tag: snow

Off to Southern Alps

The sunrise as viewed from the National Park was exquisite, as if thousand golden suns were bursting into flames and radiating fiery golden colours throughout the sky. (Reads: 0)


I saw three horses. Among the three one was white,other two being brown ,with the white one defeating both his two peers in race of looks miserably. (Reads: 393)

New Roots

I missed the sand, the camels, not to forget my closest of friends but I had to admit this place for better for my future. I was sent here at my uncle’s so as to start a good career. (Reads: 108)

The Stranger

He stood there in front of me, like before, The same poor face, no more no less. I couldn’t make out of what just happened, Could only stare at him,muscles flexed and brows tightened. (Reads: 106)