Story with Tag: soldier

Boys at War

And here I was, thinking about my own self when my best friend just died. His parents and Marie would have to face the dreaded telegraph boy with news that they’d never want to here in a million years. I had to escape. (Reads: 15)


For me and you. Man loves, man dies, Subtle dreams in his eyes. Some are shattered, some come true, A soldier also has, but a very few. I feel your voice mild and meek! (Reads: 107)

The letter

The last letter which she received from her soldier son carried the news of his well being and of his next posting in Kashmir. This was the first time when Robin’s monthly letter had failed to reach his mother. (Reads: 148)


Who knew this voice was gonna change my life. I never intended to fall in love in EARTH. It was an amazing emotion I had ever felt but I can’t. I was compelled having no alternative I couldn’t love her. (Reads: 285)