Story with Tag: son


He was more approving of the new man in her mother’s life. He was close to Pallavi and more sympathetic towards her bearings. He in fact, encouraged her to get out of the mess and intended to join her. (Reads: 330)

Incomplete Love

Days passed by but Priya didn’t talk to Sharon much. She got bored to death. Priya’s nasty behaviour was getting a rise out of Atul but he couldn’t react. The time came when Sharon had to leave for Canada. (Reads: 109)

Will I demise With Pleasure

As Mr.Chaturvedi has only reckonable days left in this sphere he want to rectify his son as a remarkable magnate before time goes up. But up to the time his all efforts call for failure. (Reads: 68)

The letter

The last letter which she received from her soldier son carried the news of his well being and of his next posting in Kashmir. This was the first time when Robin’s monthly letter had failed to reach his mother. (Reads: 137)