Story with Tag: stars

Under the Stars

Alex and Christina and had met five years ago on a social networking site. They understood each other far better than they did themselves and were living examples for best friends. (Reads: 1,189)

The Ascension

He cried that day on the lunch like a baby, tears rivered down . Santa had given him the only present he could ask for.
“Philip.” Santa smiled. “ You’re going to space.” (Reads: 75)

The Weekend Affair

The milky look of a full moon sky and almost tasty dinner cooked by him were economically good and a time-saving substitute for Friday night parties which must be happening around the city. Read story of dreams (Reads: 114)

The Song of God

I, the Ancient Love hugs you with my presence, with my depth of Ocean and the vastness of the Sky, As I love you the most, since you have only known me and you can only know me. (Reads: 70)