Story with Tag: Teacher

Investigative Investigators and the Maths Murder Mystery

She destroyed Elena’s phoenix and replaced it with a different one to make it look as if there really was a spirit at work! And that’s why the equations were all wrong! She obviously wasn’t her Maths teacher’s favourite. (Reads: 126)

Sports changes life

One day teacher said he doesn’t have any money to give them, one of the boy named Akhilesh said they don’t want money they just want to play football. It further continued for many days, boys were very happy. (Reads: 151)


You know your purpose of life, you even know how it will be done but your mind never accepts it, it always confuses you, your mind only is the barrier in your happiness. (Reads: 546)

His first absence

Mom was deeply worried about him as this was the first time she let her child go away from her. She was worried thinking if he is comfortable in class, (Reads: 120)