Story with Tag: Teacher

Trust your relations

Never let your trust break, a family is a solid pillar which will protect you from internal and external evils. A family consisting of husband, kids and parents leave you at a stage of the highest show of happiness, love, and integrity. (Reads: 30)

Ram Ki Talaash

Perspective of God is often mysterious ,in this Hindi story two children with their teacher create a situation for understanding about GOD…..”RAM”,think beyond the story of  ‘RAM’ and try to find to solve the dilemma of RAM. (Reads: 75)

Sports changes life

One day teacher said he doesn’t have any money to give them, one of the boy named Akhilesh said they don’t want money they just want to play football. It further continued for many days, boys were very happy. (Reads: 231)


You know your purpose of life, you even know how it will be done but your mind never accepts it, it always confuses you, your mind only is the barrier in your happiness. (Reads: 565)