Story with Tag: tears

The LORD went astray!

All these old memories were flashing as an array in the mind of this man. They fabricated a turbulence of entwined emotions. Whilst his mind was in state of unrest, his body was lying still. (Reads: 142)

The Candle holder

I hope this candle be the first of all the light and hope you have in your life. May you be a forever shining beacon. May you be a guiding light for all lost souls. And may your candle light shine your way through life, pulling dreams and faith closer. (Reads: 76)

An undelivered letter

Mother its not just a word nor a position itโ€™s a world within itself :a life giving lives. Those wrinkles on your face, those fine lines, those rough patches and that improper physique you carried just for me . (Reads: 116)