Story with Tag: Time


Wedding party leaves me thrilled when I found myself lost and absent from the venue and memory. In the hunt of this mystic riddle, reality amused me. (Reads: 125)

Will you give me time?

I hope this reserve will help to augment their assets. I hope they will now find some time to waste, some to use, some to love and some time to talk to people like me who have excess of time. (Reads: 167)


As I was accelerating and feeling the breeze on the face, a sudden jerk, a big squeaking noise and within fraction of seconds my bike came to a grinding halt. (Reads: 155)

Love in five steps

I love you so much. I love you in numberless forms. I want to make you happy. I am the summer breeze in the night when you want pleasant feel. Read Love story (Reads: 332)

Kab Aaoge?

This Hindi poem highlights the pain of an Indian wife in which the husband went for some vacations in the nature’s lap and didn’t inform her for his returning. (Reads: 297)