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Touching Mother Stories
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Mother has undoubtedly a special place in our life. Mother is woman who gave us birth, brought us up in this world and taught first lesson. If anyone loves us unconditional and selflessly, it ought to be our mother. Few are lucky to have mother. Few are unlucky who have lost their mother. However for those also mother has a very important role in their lives. Read heart touching stories and poems of mother.

A New Bedtime Story

Neeta wanted her daughter to know that she was special, even if she was average in studies, that she would never be told that she is weak, that no matter what happens she has a friend in her mother. (Reads: 0)

An undelivered letter

Mother its not just a word nor a position it’s a world within itself :a life giving lives. Those wrinkles on your face, those fine lines, those rough patches and that improper physique you carried just for me . (Reads: 95)