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Touching Mother Stories
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Mother has undoubtedly a special place in our life. Mother is woman who gave us birth, brought us up in this world and taught first lesson. If anyone loves us unconditional and selflessly, it ought to be our mother. Few are lucky to have mother. Few are unlucky who have lost their mother. However for those also mother has a very important role in their lives. Read heart touching stories and poems of mother.

Broken pieces of a promise (1)

Whole night he was dreaming about that patting hand on his back and cheerful smiling face. Now he had two faces one happy face for result and another side very sad as he will not be able to see his favorite teacher. (Reads: 367)


The author tells how his uncle brought a boy, Haria to his house. After uncle’s death how Haria attached to Author’s family. One day he left to join BSF. (Reads: 125)

The word ‘Mother’

I’m lucky to have a mother, because she is the best. That’s the word I would always recommend for a mother. A mother is who takes care of us, who wakes us up for school and helps us out with our main problems. (Reads: 346)


One day in life I will be a better person to help all children equally; boys and girls alike. I will become a man to tell my story; that once upon a time the boy child was a bedbug in K-street. (Reads: 134)