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Touching Mother Stories
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Mother has undoubtedly a special place in our life. Mother is woman who gave us birth, brought us up in this world and taught first lesson. If anyone loves us unconditional and selflessly, it ought to be our mother. Few are lucky to have mother. Few are unlucky who have lost their mother. However for those also mother has a very important role in their lives. Read heart touching stories and poems of mother.


Your anxious waiting unsaid words, Your restless pacing in and out, Your prayers counting on the beads, For the safety of my worldly needs. (Reads: 0)

Yes..She is a Woman..!!

No one can understand that. How much she misses her children, how much she misses those drama the family used to make, how much she loves talking, how much she wants to go out with them (Reads: 137)

How Love Caused Her Ruins

She drove. She knew her exact destination, and there was a strange feeling filling her mind. At first, she couldn’t describe it. It was a sensation she hadn’t felt in so long, that she no longer knew what it was. (Reads: 126)


I could see tears in Maa’s eyes and a blank expression in Sandeep’s eyes. I was trying to gauge from his expression as to what had transpired. (Reads: 141)

Not By Blood

Sadhna had mentioned to Charu about her marriage and that she would find her a good place where there would be other kids her age. Charu had cried and cried and begged her to let her stay. (Reads: 39)