Story with Tag: train

The bearer of luck

The train had stopped at the next station and I searched for them . They were not in the train and I saw the little princess was walking along with the old woman through the platform . (Reads: 125)


The author while going to Kolkata by Coalfield express met an old lady who recognized him by face and physique,but not he. Their wards had to appear WBJEE. (Reads: 127)

1017 Days Together

When his love story tried to take its first step was crippled, he was crushed. He remembered the agony pumping through his veins, coldness shattering his heart and yet the jitters were nowhere to be seen on his face! (Reads: 1,016)

New Roots

I missed the sand, the camels, not to forget my closest of friends but I had to admit this place for better for my future. I was sent here at my uncle’s so as to start a good career. (Reads: 99)


“kalpita already told me about your feelings and I was in love with you from the day first when we met in training but…..” I interrupted him and kissed him and hugged him tightly. (Reads: 577)