Story with Tag: train

The found thing

She was only wondering why it had become so grave for her only. She took her eyelids down and let the lukewarm wind of summer dry up the water on her cheeks. (Reads: 184)


The train will be best example for life, just observe a train it will have people with different mind sets, problems, moods, confusions, happiness, sadness, responsibilities, over responsibilities, likes, dislikes and many. (Reads: 112)


There is no thing as ghost, I told to myself. I had the stone in my pocket. But is it helpful against a ghost? What else I am having. Nothing, If the thing ahead is ghost. (Reads: 42)


Midnight came and suddenly the girl awake. Her eyes were impatient but they found rest when met with the eyes of the boy. Eyes filled with craziness and affection (Reads: 784)