Story with Tag: tree

Nature and its bounty

The answer is Nature. It is the one who provides for every ones need. It is the one who is nearest to us. It has created us all with blood same in colour. (Reads: 12)

The Devil’s Tree

I look around , try to figure out the source of the fragrance. And then I notice something peculiar near the lonely tree. In the dark of the night it is no more lonely, unlike the day. (Reads: 228)

A Dream.

Baba was surprised to find the walled city in the desert. It was interesting how the sands never failed to surprise him. In the seven yeas he had wandered, he had become the desert’s and the desert his. Read social story (Reads: 228)

The real monster

Every night she sets out to kill. You can hear her anklet in the silence of the night. And when she lays her eyes on you, no matter how hard you try you can’t move. (Reads: 453)