Story with Tag: trees

Way of the nature

Dinosaurs became extinct when an asteroid slammed onto earth, but why did such a disaster happen just a coincidence. What if someone pushed a reset button. (Reads: 161)


The effect was long lasting as the trees reduced the amount of storm water runoff, which reduced erosion and pollution in our waterways and were reducing the effects of flooding. (Reads: 90)


There was a big box lying between the 2 trees which were not fallen yet . May be whatever was inside THE BOX was the only reason that trees were standing tall. (Reads: 787)

Nature Speaks

This English poem highlights the importance of “Nature” in which Human being and nature both plays their role in giving and taking process (Reads: 530)

There are days and more

There are days,When I want to recoil in the coolness of my room….meet, talk and see no one,When I want to hear, see and feel nothing and just be numb, (Reads: 59)