Story with Tag: uncle

Home Sweet Home

Anna walked into the room. Betty was right behind her. Then both girls saw something that made them scream. ‘What is that Anna?’ wailed Betty. She wanted to run out of the house but her legs were frozen. (Reads: unavailable)

Age never matters

We consoled each other and made a plan to stop being called uncle for which we had to shed around 1000 rupees each. No, we did not go to beauty and Spa shop. (Reads: unavailable)


Tears roll down from her eyes when she remembered the face of her brother crying after listening the news of the accident of her parents, they died on her birthday. Read family story (Reads: unavailable)

The Young Old

Literally….his ear aid was plucked out. He took his time to get up. The crowd behind him was restless. They had waited half an hour now and if they miss this.. (Reads: unavailable)