Story with Tag: vacation

The Mistake not Revealed

I am afraid of him to tell the truth of which he is unaware for the last two decades, don’t know how Mukesh will react on the situation and our friendship will be ruined. (Reads: 147)


I was with a friend and I decided to go to fabled Sagada. As we roll along I readied my camera to record spectacular views along the way. We brushed by some important places. Read travel story (Reads: 40)


My granny said that she had quite a few holidays but it would be interesting for us to listen about her Mother’s only and longest Holiday. Thus my granny Susheela took us 70 years back. (Reads: 167)

The Pink Slip

She, the jet setting career girl, from a small town in Kerala, who has established herself in this big city, with determination and grit. She was lost without her laptop, her constant companion in the car (Reads: 375)