Story with Tag: water

Machali ko Jal Peelane Chale

This is a satirical poem,dealing with the current norms,conditions and situations of our country which a common man has to face and also the false beliefs in which he gets trapped and thinks that everything will change on following it. (Reads: 27)


The aroma, of the freshly falling raindrops is intoxicating for the human beings, animals and birds hide under the shady trees, and the branches of the trees dangle under the weight of these rain drops. (Reads: 136)

The Blue Moon Hotel

The next day and the days after that she began to wait for him. He would come in the afternoon and drink till late evening. Neharika felt her numbness fading away, she would feel alive every moment the man was there. (Reads: 399)

A Perfect Lady

And here my luck brought her. Whenever we meet, we both feel very happy. The dull mornings, which I otherwise pass over the tasteless ( but must ) cups of tea, turn into hilarious episodes. A routinely dead life turns alive. (Reads: 799)