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The Wish

I have always believed you Genie. So I find no reason to start disbelieving now. So, tell me what you would wish for. (Reads: 675)

A moving moment just wait

The faces of my beautiful friends, the affection that they had with me, the love and tears which they had shared with me, will remain with me in my HEART till DEATH. I pray GOD and ask him to BLESS all of them with GREAT FUTURE (Reads: 139)


Subhashini is a collection of poems related to our everyday life. Each poem is beautifully presented. So inspiring, so encouraging that teaches us moral. (Reads: 35)

Silence of The Night

And then I met the person in my dream’s reality, A beautiful girl, who name herself “myself” and then I promised myself to be REAL ME. Read a story of a teen girl’s wish (Reads: 593)