Story with Tag: words

Apparition of Words

The poem contains two parts, in which the first part explains the importance and roles of ‘words’. Whereas the second part explains how ‘words’ affect us in our daily life. It’s about the complications that ‘words’ create in our life (Reads: 63)

A Poet’s Muses

Inspirations are thrown in everywhere, just need a right medium to get it expressed. A collection of poems is penned down here. The poems are themed on chatting activity, sleep, boozing and about the characters. (Reads: 21)


He had a way with words, so crisp, so simple. The way he made you feel his powerful persuasion. He made you feel okay, talked with such wisdom. (Reads: 309)

Sirf Tumhaare Liye

This Hindi poem highlights the Love of a female writer in which whatever she wrote was indicated for Her Lover only as she couldn’t write any words by without taking her Lover thoughts. (Reads: 547)

Mere Shabd

This Hindi poem highlights the mental state of a Writer where She has lost Her writing power without the company of Her Lover as each and every word of her writing emerged from His company. (Reads: 250)