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Broken from Dubai

Dubai – The United Arab Emirates, there’s an image in everyone’s mind about any destination in the world before you visit this country but it is not always the reality it could be just decors like in my story. (Reads: 70)

Retirement blues

Why is retirement termed as ‘the end of road’ for the ones retiring . It is a beginning of new chapter in ones life, to see and feel new beginnings and experience something different. (Reads: 59)

Her House

Urna had fallen in love with the little house with a bright red front door and a charming fireplace. Yes, the upkeep of the house was expensive but she did not mind. (Reads: 277)

With Love

This isn’t a goodbye letter nor am I telling you to divorce me. However, please understand I will never like to stay with a man, who doesn’t respect me or my sense of self. Story of broken marriage (Reads: 163)