Story with Tag: writing

Being YOU

My writing this social story has been done with the intention of putting my point across that however old we grow, every one of us do have a hidden passion inside us and you should always find time to pursue it. (Reads: 258)

A Weekend Plan

For Ryan being natural meant to write, sing, dance, meditate, do yoga & pranayama and be of use to people and world around. This the only reason weekends were so special for him. Read social story (Reads: 187)

Mujhe Nahin Pata

This Hindi poem highlights the feelings of a female writer in which she was addressing her virtual Lover that whatever He read here was a perfect one as He was always be a virtual in her writings (Reads: 733)

Final Goodbye

My grandparents had a huge backyard and a shed Tokbak build by himself. He planted anything that was possible at the time and committed greatly in these hobbies. (Reads: 400)

Sirf Tumhaare Liye

This Hindi poem highlights the Love of a female writer in which whatever she wrote was indicated for Her Lover only as she couldn’t write any words by without taking her Lover thoughts. (Reads: 546)

Ek Khyaal

This Hindi poem highlights the pain of a beloved writer in which She was busy in some sort of writing late night but unable to do that as every time “A Thought” of Her Lover made Her disturbed (Reads: 757)