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True Life

The Shakespearean work which describe life of human through its each line to a its very true context is also based on his observations from the nature. (Reads: 59)

Being YOU

My writing this social story has been done with the intention of putting my point across that however old we grow, every one of us do have a hidden passion inside us and you should always find time to pursue it. (Reads: 258)

A Weekend Plan

For Ryan being natural meant to write, sing, dance, meditate, do yoga & pranayama and be of use to people and world around. This the only reason weekends were so special for him. Read social story (Reads: 187)

Mujhe Nahin Pata

This Hindi poem highlights the feelings of a female writer in which she was addressing her virtual Lover that whatever He read here was a perfect one as He was always be a virtual in her writings (Reads: 738)

Final Goodbye

My grandparents had a huge backyard and a shed Tokbak build by himself. He planted anything that was possible at the time and committed greatly in these hobbies. (Reads: 400)

Sirf Tumhaare Liye

This Hindi poem highlights the Love of a female writer in which whatever she wrote was indicated for Her Lover only as she couldn’t write any words by without taking her Lover thoughts. (Reads: 547)