Testimonials from Our Writers

Writers are our main assets. We not only provide an encouraging and a supporting platform to publish short stories online but keep rewarding our writers by various schemes and in competitions. See what our writers have to say about us:

Danny Travasso

"How very exciting and exhilarating to have a home-grown platform to showcase our finest story-telling talent! For the dreamers, for the schemers, let's all grab this change to put on our writing hats, put 'pen to paper' and get our creative juices flowing. And boldly go forth where few Indians have gone before..."

- Danny Travasso won INR 18,000 for the Best Writer 2015, Story of the Month and Editor's Choice

Shravya Gunipudi

"One podium, Innumerable voices, YourStoryClub is the one stage that welcomes thousands of emotions in the form of words. Your every contest inspires creativity and encourages improvement. Thank you for making my passion for writing come alive and for instilling in me a ray of hope..."

- Shravya Gunipudi won INR 16,000 for the Best Writer'2013, Stories of the Month, SPIXers, and Love Letter Contest

About Shravya Gunipudi : Let the Pen do the talking :)


"YSC is the perfect platform for self-discovery. With so many talented members, it is also a place where you learn and unlearn so many things about writing."

- Srichandra won INR 15,000 for Best Writer'2014, Stories of the Month and SPIXers, and donated INR 1,000 to our initiative to help the needy. We thank her for this kind gesture.

About Srichandra : An 'accidental' writer and a social worker. Mummy of two kids. Writing and cooking are two of my pet passions. Enjoy reading books, listening to music and the sound of silence.


"Dear Your Story Club, Thank you for giving me and others, the impetus to write and helping in my charity initiatives."

- Mridula won INR 14,000 for Most Popular Writer'2012, Story of the Month, SPIXers, and Creative Writing Competition.

About Mridula : An admirer of all good works!


"Its a wonderful platform for aspiring writers to nurture their talent, share it with a larger audience and be encouraged in their efforts along the way. I thank Your Story Club for providing an opportunity to publish my stories and to keep coming up with these contests that challenge me as an amateur writer and keep the creative juices flowing!"

- nidhi won INR 12,000 for Best Writer'2012, Story of the Month and Creative Writing Competition. She donated INR 1,000 to our initiative to help the needy. We thank her for this kind gesture.

About nidhi : An IT professional in one of the top MNC's by day and an avid reader who has started dabbling in the world of creative writing.

Ankit Raj Bachchan

"The collection of stories, the platform to share and the guidance by editors and fellow writers have been great and motivational to hone my skill. Thanks Team YSC."

- Ankit Raj Bachchan won INR 11,000 for the Most Popular Writer'2013, SPIXers and Love Letter Contest

About Ankit Raj Bachchan : Lesser is better .. I started writing just to inpress a girl and its my passion now ..

Deloret Imnidian

"Writing is a journey into the unknown, and YSC is well known for making the unknown known. I am honoured beyond my ability to express myself. If my life is a story, YSC is a major chapter of it."

- Deloret Imnidian won INR 6,500 for Most Popular Writer'2014 and SPIXers

About Deloret Imnidian : Deloret Imnidian is a hikikomori, who lives in his own fictitious world, where illusion is the only reality. He is a mysterious man, always engulfed in this strange dimension of projection screen. He is also a man from Twilight Zone.


"Your Story Club is a wonderful platform for young writers to showcase their writing skills. I am thankful to yourstoryclub.com for giving me an opportunity to publish my story and for giving me the prize."

- Yedu714 won INR 4,512 in Write Story from Picture India 2012 - Short Story Writing Competition, SPIXer, Editor's Choice and Story of the Month

About Yedu714 : Aspiring writer and bookworm. I love writing stories full of suspense and intrigue.


"YourStoryClub.com is a great platform for young people like us to showcase our talent in front of the world. And to win prize money for something you love doing so much is like icing on the cake."

- Anangsha won INR 4,000 for Story of The Month, SPIXer and Editor's Choice stories

About Anangsha : Bookworm, writer, dreamer. I'm 22 years old, and hail from Assam - the land of red rivers and blue hills. I never knew I could write stories, but when I did start, I realized that there was nothing I loved more. I also happen to be a Civil Engineer.


"YourStoryClub changed my life. I learnt from the beautiful platform I was given here., that one should never take their true passion for granted. After I've written around 11 stories, I am starting to take this seriously. YSC would be the major inspirational factor, if I become a professionally successful write in the future :)"

- Balakarthiga.M won INR 3,500 for Story of the Month, SPIXer and Editor's Choice

About Balakarthiga.M : Potterhead. Blogger. Caffeinated Author. Finished a novel, and writing the second one while waiting for a publisher to take the first one up :) And in the middle of it all, trying to fit in the huge academic commitment called Engineering.

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  1. Sravanthi Srikantam says

    I am happy to have found this website (YSC) and it’s really helpful for writers like me who would feel pleasure in showcasing their talent of writing. I have so far written for blogs in my office and now it’s my pleasure to get to know to many through Yourstoryclub….

    Looking ahead to get my stories published.

  2. Padma Aunty says

    Thanks for publishing my stories. I means a lot to me. The Images you add to the stories are awesome. Please review my stories: ‘My thinning journey’ and ‘Girl Child’

  3. Ankit Raj Bachchan says

    @Chief Editor ..

    I think you would thank Megha for HER (not his) kind gesture. Please correct that πŸ™‚

  4. ammu says

    i am really glad that at last i found out a great platform to exhibit my long suppressed eagerness to write.soon i will publish my story……..thanks for all those who are behind this great work of encouraging young writers ….

  5. praveen gola says

    As deeper I go as more I learn from this beautiful site.I really appreciate the Editors work who stated a reason if our contents are unable to publish.

  6. says

    I am so greatful for this site and I am greatful that I stumbled upon this site! πŸ™‚ this is a wonderful way of unearthing so many talents! πŸ™‚ Sincere thank you!

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