Write Story and Poetry in Indian Languages

We understand importance of language to express the feelings therefore we support many languages to publish stories and poems. Currently we support Hindi, in addition to English language.

Lead time to publish your submission in non-English languages is subject to availability of our editors for that language and therefore may vary from ONE day to THREE days.

To write in your favorite language, please click below link to open Google Input Tools and type-in your submission in the selected language. Once you have typed your submission, copy the submission and paste it in our text field to submit your submission for publishing.

Google Input Tools

yourstoryclub.com respects all languages and it shall be incorporating other languages very soon.



  1. Surabhi24 says

    Hello poetry editor

    Does hindi poem or stories are also selected for editors choice or story of month?

  2. Loknath Netam says

    I have written my first story. can you suggest me that story are good or not. And please tell me that how to upload my story.

  3. H.B.P says

    मै जब भी अपनी कहानी पोस्ट करने जाता हु , कॉपी पेस्ट के जरिये
    तब मै देखता हु की मेरी आधी कहानी पेस्ट ही नहीं हुई है

    कृपया समस्या का समाधान करे

  4. anitya saurav says

    i lov writing in Hindi, but i want money through this .plz suggest me…
    For that i always thankyou

  5. Azim Khan says

    Sir! I hv submit a short story in Hindi language (Sunil sir)… When it will be published?

  6. says

    @Saurabh, no worry. Our staff will change the language to Hindi before publishing. As a writer you need to just submit the content for review and publishing.

  7. saurabhnayyar1 says

    Sir I wrote my poem in devnagiri…and submited…but when I looked at the preview bottom of the poem- its showing language- English….please tell me how I can change that into HIndi?


  8. maahi says

    hello sir.. i hv posted a small piece of story n unable to search whr it is posted bcoz i hv not selected the category …pls help me

  9. Himanshu sonwal says

    Sir i am a student,and want to earn money to solve my financialy problems.I use to write poems in hindi.So how i post my poetry please give instructions.

  10. anuragbajpai says

    sir there is a problem i have written a poem but when i completed last stanza was disappered i tried two times but no responce

  11. Bhavana Lalwani says

    The Submit button is not working it is showing “page is not found” please fix this problem.

  12. ambika says

    sir..can i write in hindi like…”khawab wo mera tha,khawabo me hi rha”and how to ?

  13. says

    Dear Rishabh, you can submit poem or story on any topic. Our editors will review and then publish it. However we request to keep size of submission at least 300 words. Thank you

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