Write Short Stories for Money

Write Short Stories for Money

Write Short Stories and Get Rewarded

Welcome to Your Story Club. We consider our writers our main assets, and attribute our grand success completely to them. To appreciate our writers we announce “Earn it Your Way” a reward scheme for our short story writers. Under this scheme we invite all to write short stories for money in various following reward categories (effective from May 1, 2012):

Category Reward Date
Best Writer INR 10,000 Every Year
Story of the Month INR 1,000 Every Month
Editor’s Choice INR 500 As and when selected

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Your writing can bring smiles to needy ones. You may choose to donate reward amount won in any of the reward categories of “Earn it Your Way: Write Short Stories for Money” to our initiative to support the needy ones. Read further detail at Write Story for a Cause to Help Needy (yourstoryclub.com reserves rights to change, call off, cancel or suspend this reward scheme without any notice) Please read rules and details of “Earn it Your Way: Write Short Stories for Money”. If you have any question or doubt, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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Best Writer Award

This annual award is given to the Writer who has maximum number of stories and poems that are recognized by our Editors as Editor’s Choice in that year (Jan-Dec). Tie breaker would be based on number of stories and poems together published by the writer in that year and further if needed popularity of these stories and poems. Therefore more you write and share your stories with your friends, better the chance of winning this award. Keep writing and publishing your stories and poems at Your Story Club and earn money.

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Story of the Month Award

This award is given to the story or poem selected every month by our Chief Editor. It would be selected among stories recognized as Editor’s Choice in that month. Therefore bring out the Writer in you. Keep writing and publishing your stories and poems at Your Story Club and earn money.

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Editor’s Choice

Every story is reviewed by our editors who can pick a few stories based on key elements of short stories. Our editors’ decision to select a story as Editor’s Choice will be final. We will not entertain any communication that seeks any explanation why is a story selected as Editor’s Choice and/or why is other not.

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Write Story for a Cause

Writer may choose to donate the amount to the needy ones through yourstoryclub.com. In such case, yourstoryclub.com will, with consent of the writer, publish the name of writer, photograph, amount donated and use of the amount on its front page for a period a week at least. (Click Here to See Donor Writers.)

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Delivery of Payment

Minimum amount to be delivered to writer under “Earn it Your Way: Write Short Stories for Money” is 1,000 INR for Indian address and case-to-case basis for non-Indian address. If amount won is less than the above limit it would be banked with Your Story Club. Validity of banked amount is one year after which the amount that is NOT delivered would be transferred to Your Story Club initiative to help needy. Once a story or writer wins money equal to or more than minimum amount,  Your Story Club team member within TWENTY (20) working days will contact the writer on email id mentioned by the writer during registration with yourstoryclub.com. Writer must provide bank detail, digital photograph and photo identification to claim the amount. After receiving these proofs, yourstoryclub.com within TEN (10) working days will dispatch the cheque payable at par at any branch of the issuing bank in India or electronically transfer the money. If writer is not from India, she may choose to deliver the cheque in India payable to her nominee. If writer does not have any address in India the amount will be delivered to the writer subject to legal clearance. Service charges and applicable tax would be deducted from the amount.

Submit short story to earn money»



  1. Arun Sharma says

    i had a hindi epic love story. Which include loyalty, friendship, sacrifices, emotion, action, everything what we need to entertain us.
    If any one had such opportunity so kindly contact me.
    I need the right place to submit my story to share with you all & get review.
    my email-id: vickyksharma1@gmail.com
    mobile no. 9811595941

  2. says

    sir i’m a student. so i want to sell my story because i need money for study.

    so pls. help me. mere paas bahut sare story hai. but mai unse paise kamana cahata hu.

  3. Claudia says

    I’m freelance writer from Romania. Can you tell me, please if this offer would be avaible for me?
    Thanks in advance!

  4. says

    Hi, you may submit your content with us, typically it may take 3-5 days to get a content published. For money details, please read the same link carefully.

  5. Nelson Lewis says

    Chief Editor:

    Dear Sir,

    I have about 25 short stories ready with me from 400 words to 2,000 words. I can send them to you one-by-one. How long will it take for you to review the same and approve them? What are your payment terms and how do you make payment? Have I to give you my bank account details?

    If everything goes well, I could write for your website on a regular basis.

    With regards,
    Nelson Lewis

  6. Barkha says


    I want to ask that is there any rule that a single writer can get only 1 prize among the 3 categories. and are these rewards are only for short stories or poems too??

  7. says

    i am a new writer.i had written many stories and articles which had been published in so many newspapers.Now,i wrote some new stories and articles which i want to publish here.whenever i want to publish them it seems that “you do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”.plz check it and resolve the problem.i am highly thankful to u.
    haamid Ali Shah

  8. AnushkaD says

    I posted a story just now for “Earn it Your Way”
    Can u please let me know how much time does it take approximately for my story to get reviewed and published on the site?

  9. saurabhnayyar1 says


    I wrote short stories and poem 2 days back…but still its not showing on list and particular category. there was few duplication by mistake because I am new so, I publish 2 times after changes.
    please let me know when it can be seen on list.


  10. saurabhnayyar1 says

    I wrote one story named “Emotions” and one hindi poem “Takiya aur Rui” I saved both of them. its showing pending review. and I couldn’t search those stories in particular category. please help me.


  11. says

    I would like to find out if there is any copyright given to the writer if the work is being published? What about plagiarism (if others copied one’s work)? How do you deal with them?


  12. maahi says

    hi readers…i m maahi…ek story post ki h mne ..apke reviews ka wait kr rhi hun …i need encouragement …kyuki pehli baar kuch aisa try kiya h hopes k ap mjhe support karenge…please agr apko achi lge story to apna valuable time de kr reviews de… waiting for it… thnks

  13. Ankit Raj Bachchan says

    When will the annual awards of Best Writer and Most Popular Writer, 2013 be announced?

  14. says

    Dear Writer,
    We would like to bring to your kind notice that duplication of content is not considered a good practice in online publishing and brings down reputation; therefore if you wish to publish the content with us, we request you to remove it from other website(s)/blog(s).

  15. Himanshu Miglani says

    Can u send me the demo of any story of any writer on my e-mail id for my knowledge bcoz it will help me to write.

  16. Piyush says

    Dear Chief Editor,

    I joined this wonderful club today, kindly suggest how to add stories here.

    Look forward to here you soon.

  17. Isha Sharma says

    FIne.. you are giving away money but how you guys are earning money? No one does it for free…

  18. sarita hemanth says

    i want to submit hindi poems but am not able to understand how…from english to swedish the options are available but i cant find hindi language…plij help…orelse if i write hindi poems in english will they be published in hindi font? plij answer…:-(

  19. jai parkash sambodhi says


  20. Trijeet Ganguly says

    Respected Sir,
    I am 13 years of age and will turn 14 in this December, can I participate in any of the contests ? If yes, what must be the theme of the stories ? Does any story will work out ?
    Thank You in advance…

  21. SMRITI says


  22. paras says

    i got some questions which i think would be better if solved by chat. as there are plenty of them.
    (waiting for a prompt reply)

  23. Syed Ibrahim says

    yes i forgot one thing i have read a few short stories and all have a code seting, theme, and object…. it shows my story has been published but i doubt this thing can you tell why the code is not coming..

  24. Syed Ibrahim says

    how do i publish poems, i have already published a short story- the unforgotten experience, is it complete i mean is it in the competition? and thanks in advance

  25. says

    I have posted a story recently. does it automatically qualify as a part of “Earn it Your Way: Write Short Stories for Money” scheme or there is a separate way to submit such stories?

  26. ipsa arora says

    Where is the list of weekly top 5 popular stories contesting for spixer published?

  27. swethashenoy says

    Hello Editor,

    I just want to know, all stories published are not paid,right?


  28. says

    SPIX is measurement of story popularity. It considers both – number of readers and behavior of readers. Behavior is significant factor and includes voting, time spent … etc… Most importantly, inward links i.e. link of story shared with other websites make story more popular. So we recommend to share link to stories to various websites, blogs etc to make story popular.

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