Tragic Ends

Excerpt: A thrilling and chilling story about a popular kid who tried to prematurely end his life, and was saved by God and a stranger in the last moments. (Reads: 751)



Social Short Story – Tragic Ends
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I personally know one person who attempted suicide and it didn’t go through. I believe it wasn’t successful because God wasn’t ready for him to go yet.

November 2nd, 2012 around the 9 AM hours of that Wednesday, the boy was called to the disciplinary office for an online altercation. The boy was in on campus suspension for 5 days. The following week, he was called to the office again for the same issue. Overtime, the countless trips to the office and threats from the administrators became overwhelming for the 16 year old boy. A note was sent to the boy’s 9 o’clock class to return to the office again. Instead of going to the office, he continued his day like nothing happened. But on the inside he was already far gone.

He wrote a letter telling his family his future plans that day and stuffed it into his red, nylon jacket pocket. Instead of going tutoring, the boy walked around his school looking for last minute decision help. 4:30 PM that day, the boy walked down a busy Cooper Street waiting for the perfect time to walk into traffic and end his short life.

Out of nowhere, the boy’s body drifted backwards. He ended up at a random house on a street he had never been on. Crying, with tears water-falling down his cheeks, the boy knocked on the first door he had seen. A young woman, the name of Robin Billingsley opened the door. The look on her face, she was frightened by the 6 foot black boy with tears down his face. The boy asked for water and Ms. Robin came back outside with a big yellow cup of ice cold water. She asked if he wanted to talk and he said no.

An hour later, he finally talked to the kind lady. Minutes later, Ms. Robin called the police and the boy was taken to a mental hospital. His parents came to see him and they all had a talk about what happened and how it happened. The boy stayed overnight and was sent home the following morning.

That Saturday, me, my mother, and father took a bouquet of flowers to Ms. Robin’s house to thank her for saving my life. I realize now that the effect of my death would have been bigger than just me. I see now, from that moment, that things always get better. Suicide is not the answer, help is always available.

To this day, Ms. Robin and I still friends and that day stays with me whenever I’m having a rough day. I am blessed to have a second chance at life. Suicide hurts more than just the person doing the act, it effects everyone. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.


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    The thought of suicide is nothing but timidity. I like to say that life is beautiful and all that we have in life are blessings, none a curse. Think on all you get, you know how much blessed are you. We have no right to end life. ours or that of anyone.

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