GiftsbyMeeta –The story of a lady who said yes to people’s comfort rather her own.

Excerpt: GiftsbyMeeta has been blessed with the overwhelming response from the people from across the world, especially people love our products irrespective of whether they buy or not. (Reads: 85)


A gifting giant on the path of covering miles and delivering smiles

Meeta Gutgutia

Meeta Gutgutia

Meeta Gutgutia, the owner of GiftsbyMeeta and the spouse of Mr. Vikash Gutgutia – the billionaire, the owner of India’s largest floral business company, Ferns and Petals, the company valued more the thousands crore. Meeta Gutgutia, fashion designer by profession and very innovative by nature was finding something missing in the way gifts are exchanged between two friendly hearts and traded in the market. At FNP she used to discuss with their colleagues and subordinates to introduce something more that flowers, cakes, bouquets. The costly flowers, their difficult handling, made her think about easy, affordable, quick, innovative, and personalized gifting solution for the mass. She wanted to introduce a gifting solution for all class of people, for all age group people and the most importantly all at people’s doorstep. And GiftsbyMeeta has born with the aim to covering miles and delivery smiles.

Meeta Gutgutia is a fashion designer by nature and extremely imaginative and innovative by nature. She is still connected with FNP group yet constantly felt something missing in the way gifts are bought and traded, she needed to make the gifting less difficult, moderate, insightful, and rapidly accessible. She has incredibly curated a huge number of new and innovative gifts. And GiftsbyMeeta is the name that acknowledges her affection towards designing inventive products at affordable prices.

Firstly, her profession as a fashion designer, she simply loves to design the products which are the parts of our daily lives. She loves to give a new and fresh look to our daily lives things be it mug or cushion. One more thing, AT FNP, she was involved in floral designing other floral related activities then she realized, if someone is looking for a gift then the flower doesn’t include everything, the gifting option for the people must be broad and more than the flowers. Subsequently, she wanted to create an umbrella of gifts that covers a lot and flowers apart from plenty of different things itself get included in it.

Now the Scope of Gifting Business:  Gifts are considered as luxurious goods and in most of the cases; you are going to buy a gift only after you have allocated the budget for all your needs. Since India is a developing country, Gifting Industry is growing in tune with ecommerce industry with excellent rate but the quickly increasing the purchasing power parity of the people; this is going to become one of the brightest industries in near future. It is undoubted fact that with growing purchasing power people spends more on the luxurious things and hence the future is very bright for gifting industry.

GiftsbyMeeta has been blessed with the overwhelming response from the people from across the world, especially people love our products irrespective of whether they buy or not. Towards the goal of easy gifting for all, this portal has the massive extent of gifting accumulations with doorstep conveyance, which people simply love. Within a very short span of time we are able to fulfill all your gifting needs, be it the small regional festival to prominent events and additionally birthday and commemoration like regular events. The surprising fact is that GiftsbyMeeta is the most favored gifting store for personalized gifts in the south Indian region. The magnificent scope of combo and hampers and interesting gifting arrangements are the most noteworthy benefactor for acquiring the biggest lump of customers in the limited span of time. So we can say that we are in the right direction towards GiftsbyMeeta’s ambition.

In her words:  “I would like to part the challenges that came in my journey in two half, the first one at my personal level and the other one at the business level.

Personally, it was to an easy for a mother or a wife to devote her for a creating a new business firm where I will have to face a lot of completions. Secondly, I was enjoying a very comfortable life, and I have a fast growing family business. But still, I wanted to do the justice with my creativity, my hobbies and my passion to giving the joy and happiness to the mass. I would like to express my gratitude towards my family, colleagues, and friends who extended their valuable supported me”.

“Technically, there are no such big challenges because I was blessed with my experiences at FNP; I have my own expertise in product designing. So I picked up a team of talented people from FNP and started working on making products, started exploring the market, vendors, and then hired a digital marketing and tech support team and the finally the GiftsbyMeeta came into existence. Then I was eager to ensure the fastest delivery for the maximum location. If the customers are able to buy an intriguing product or quality products at affordable prices and get it delivered to their doorstep only then my dream would be realized in true sense”. So as of now, we are working with our vision covering miles and delivering smiles, along these lines, we have gifting outlets in 300+ cities in India and we are putting our effort to ensure same day delivery in all tier 1, 2 and 3 cities in India.

For the future needs, we have a planned to ensure the same day delivery in 500+ cities in next one year and faster international deliveries are challenging things. GiftsbyMeeta’s smart professionals will achieve it; I very am sure about it.

We started under the guardianship of FNP, for the first one year, we never felt the requirement of funding and the after one year we are financially strong enough to grow without any findings. The overwhelming responses from the customers made the thing possible.

The team is very balanced.  They are moving ahead by under a great collaboration of experienced, smart technocrats, innovative product designer, and customer support team.

We are focusing more on international customers and we are blessed with our thousands of our NRI customers, who love to buy from GiftsbyMeeta so you will see many new country-specific gifting categories on the website soon. GiftsbyMeeta is going to open more outlets in India and outside.


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